the blessing of sky water

Hello Everybody!

This beautiful Hansa rosebush was planted in memory of my mother-in-law in 2021. Last year I was offered a particularly lovely flower for essence co-creation.

The same rose can be seen in bud form on the far left of the picture below. This year we’ve planted a second rugosa variety (Therese Bugnet) for companionship and vibrational amplification. There’s a special sense of gratitude and satisfaction that comes from watching the first shoots of life emerge from a bare root plant that’s taken hold.

Pro Tip: Homegrown roses, carefully gathered and dried for healing/magical purposes, are an unforgettable addition to your apothecary. Rugosa roses make wonderful glycerites and oils. The dried petals bloom to fresh aromatic life within teas, facial steams, and bathwater.

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