all decked out

We’re on the cusp of my favorite pagan holy day and the daily landscape is getting greener by the hour. Lately I’ve been using my grandmother’s silk dressing gown as a reading cloth. Am grateful to have a life that includes the automatic given my fingernails are going to be dirty 98% of the time between now and the middle of Autumn.

flowers currently in bloom: dandelions, violets, periwinkle, flowering quince, daffodils, primrose, pulmonaria.

Planning to make a therapeutic oil with a few fresh comfrey leaves, some dried red clover and dandelion flowers, and a finishing confetti of freshly picked and shredded lemon balm and spearmint leaves. This infusion is SO WORTH the effort of gathering and prepping! In fact, for me, it’s a highlight of the day it happens. Gathering and prepping in a mindful and attentive frame of mind allows us to slow down enough to locate the innate ability to transcend our thoughts and emotions. And that in turn allows us to hold light steady and complete, one moment at a time.

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